The Advantages of Bed and Breakfast Accommodation Part 1

If you are a visitor to a new town and plan to stay overnight, then you will need to find clean, comfortable accommodation. If your trip is connected with a special event such as a football match, concert or a University graduation ceremony, or if you need easy access to an airport or seaport from your chosen destination, then it is important to book your accommodation early.

If you are intending to fly from East Midlands Airport, then you could book a room in a Derby, Nottingham or Leicester bed and breakfast, as all of these towns are within very close proximity of the airport. You could stay in a chain hotel, but many people prefer the personal homely touch that a Leicester bed and breakfast offers to the overnight visitor. With Leicester’s easy transport links, you can be at East Midlands Airport within thirty minutes.

Although you might think the opposite is the case, staying at a Leicester bed and breakfast rather than in a standard hotel actually offers you more amenities. In fact, hotel rooms tend to be basically the same as far as comfort and decor are concerned. A hotel might give you more living room, but bed and breakfast accommodation can provide a more intimate and homely atmosphere, as well as being very competitively priced. Freshly laundered sheets, comfortable beds and clean bathrooms are all provided at Leicester bed and breakfasts. However, the “breakfast” element is where a B&B really comes into its own.

The great advantage is that the truly personal service means that you can order a breakfast exactly to your liking. Do you like your eggs boiled for two minutes precisely? Do you like your bacon as crispy as possible? Do you have a gluten allergy and need to eat wheat-free bread and cereals? No problem! Just let the proprietor know in advance and he or she will be only too happy to cater for your individual needs. Service with a personal touch such as you might find in a Leicester bed and breakfast is impossible in a chain hotel, where the chef needs to cater for a great many people at any one time. Furthermore, with most guest houses being on the small side, you won’t have to compete with other busy guests for attention or for a good table. Many hotel chains have a self-service breakfast buffet and if your eggs or bacon isn’t cooked exactly as you like it, then tough luck! You get what you are given.

Flexibility wins every time hands down for B&Bs. Maid service at hotel chains is run on a strict schedule, but when you stay at a Leicester bed and breakfast, you have the freedom to arrange cleaning times with the proprietor, allowing you more time for your daily routine or exercise. The personal touch you get at B&Bs means that the proprietor will very likely know a lot about the surrounding area and will be able to recommend places of interest, beauty spots and good restaurants.

The Appeal of Bed and Breakfast Accommodation

A bed and breakfast is the perfect type of accommodation if you are taking a short holiday and do not want to have to cater for yourself. A good B&B will offer you a friendly service, nice guest rooms and home-made food. Also, much of the time, these establishments are in off-the-beaten-track areas. This appeals to holidaymakers who wish to escape the crowds.

Usually, each bed and breakfast you stay in will have a unique character, because most of them are privately owned. Often, you get a more personal service in these establishments, compared to a big hotel chain. Generally, this is because the owner will be more involved in the day-to-day running of the business, and will want to make sure that every guest is well looked after.

Normally, the good thing about staying in a B&B, if you want to reserve your accommodation by phone, is that you can speak to the owner directly. This is far better than contacting the reservations desk of a large hotel. Talking to the owner will give you a feel for the standard of service you can expect, before you make your booking. Also, you can find out more detailed information about the facilities of their establishment. This will enable you to make a more informed choice about where you want to stay.

Nonetheless, it is still always a good idea to look online for photos and reviews about the B&B you are considering. This way, you are less likely to have any unpleasant surprises on your holiday, if the accommodation is much different to what you anticipated.

Frequently, staying in a B&B allows you to see areas of a destination that tourists who stay in bigger hotels will miss. Make sure you find out what attractions and landmarks are near to your guest house. It is useful to know the pubs, restaurants and coffee shops, and the walking and cycling routes, that are close to your accommodation. This will enable you to plan your holiday better and include any relevant items in your luggage for these pursuits, if required.

Better still, the owner of the B&B will be very knowledgeable about the local area and able to recommend the best nearby sights. Naturally, the owner will want to do this so you enjoy your time there, and come back to them again in future.

A quaint bed and breakfast has a certain charm that bigger hotels simply can not compete with. For all their impressive facilities, large hotel chains can not offer the personal touches, or the distinctive atmosphere, that make staying in a good B&B such an unforgettable experience. If you really want to get to know a destination, then booking a room in a reputable B&B will expose you to the kind of local knowledge that will make your time on holiday much more authentic.